There’s nothing like disconnecting to really connect.  Think back to the last time you were sitting around the table, surrounded by friends and family, eating a good meal and drinking a glass of wine.  There is a constant hum of conversation with no ringtones interrupting.  There’s no room at the table for phones, emails or texts.  Everyone is relaxing and enjoying themselves; they’re not stressing about work or commitments.  Simply enjoying each other’s company is enough.

At Mazzotta Winery, we believe moments like these are what really give life meaning.  Coming from a large Italian family, all of our gatherings include lots of homemade food and wine, and plenty of laughter.  We want our wine to give you that warm, connected feeling, which is why we craft small batches of wine the way our family has made it for years.  This is our homemade wine, and we’re happy to share it with you, our family.  After all, wine pairs best with loved ones.


You might be wondering who “we” are.  Frank Mazzotta learned the art of winemaking from his father, Decimino, as a boy.  Although Frank helped his father growing up, he didn’t make his own wine until the early nineties.  It was just a hobby, but after winning awards in an American Wine Society competition, Frank knew he was meant to open a winery one day.

In February 2015, Frank opened the doors to Mazzotta Winery.  His daughter, Lauren, is also involved in the family business.  Frank’s passion and expertise is making the wine, and Lauren manages the branding and marketing..

We hope you’ll visit us to try our wine and become part of the Mazzotta Winery family.